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Get Your Voice Heard and Build Your Community on JustPoll -
The Ultimate Social Media

Discover the Most Interactive and Engaging Way to Get Opinions. Join the Revolution with JustPoll.
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Why JustPoll?

Get in on the Action Before Everyone Else
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Earn JusCoins and cheer on JustPoll, where user privacy and time are valued.
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clear up your social media with unique, role-based communities.
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Get your voice heard through interactive polls, communities and instant opinions.


Discover the things we're proud of and happy to share About JustPoll
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Instant Opinions with Interactive Polls

Post interactive polls and get instant feedback. Attach media, hashtags, and more to support your posts, or let users choose custom emojis or opt-out with NOTA.

Build the community with Booths

Build a community of like-minded individuals with JustPoll Booths, a unique feature designed to mimic real-world cabinets for a more engaging and interactive experience. Create content and connect with influencers on the platform.
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Messages, Trending topics, Privacy & More

Connect with like-minded people, explore trending topics, and engage with unique features like digital currency and JustPoll Booths on JustPoll, all while maintaining your privacy.
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Earn while Scrolling!

Earn JusCoins by interacting with the app and use them to buy coupons in the JustPoll marketplace (coming soon..).

Because we value your time.

Meet the JustPoll Team

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Ramith K S

Co-Founder & CEO
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Hassan Ansari

Co-Founder & CTO
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Adarsh Kumar

Frontend Dev
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Omji Kushwaha

Backend Lead

Become a Polling Influencer

Connect with Like-Minded People and Get Instant Opinions on the Most Advanced Polling Platform
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